FM - 2012 - Only Foolin' EP

01. Only Foolin' (new single from the forthcoming album)
02. Rainbow's End (new track - exclusive to this EP)
03. Shot In The Dark (new track - exclusive to this EP)
04. Let Love Be The Leader (live)
05. Don't Stop (live)
06. Does It Feel Like Love (live)
07. Tough It Out (live)
08. Hot Legs (live)
09. Only Foolin' (Extended Mix by Pete Jupp)

Keeping the tradition of releasing a bit of material before the new work is released.
The new EP "Only Foolin' " from British FM is out now and promotes the anticipated "Rockville", new album which will hit stores in March 2013.

"Only Foolin" opens the tracklist and gives a sample of the sound that the album should be, with all those elements of "AOR made in the UK" that the FM does so well.
I like the heavy bass line that Merv Goldsworthy distributes throughout the song, besides the precise guitars of Jim Kirkpatrick and flawless vocals of Steve Overland.
Then we have "Rainbow's End", an EP exclusive track.
This song is sweeping radio friendly AOR where the band shows that the more the years pass, the more they improve. This song has the classic sound of the band and will certainly please fans and newcomers alike. 
Another exclusive song is "Shot In The Dark", featuring rocker cool down in the foreground, followed by keyboards almost ubiquitous. Another fine example of what FM has to offer.
The rest of the songs were recorded live during the "Indescreet 25 live tour" and are quite interesting since some of them were not performed in a while !!
The last song on the tracklist is an extended mix of "Only Foolin '", very well prepared by drummer Pete Jupp.

"Only Foolin '" is very worthwhile, and not just by great songs live, but mainly by the two songs that are exclusive to this EP and, believe me, they are worth the investment.
A powerful collection of songs that just makes us more anxious as we await the arrival of "Rockville".

Line up:
Steve Overland – Vocals & Guitars
Jim Kirkpatrick – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Merv Goldsworthy – Bass & Backing Vocals
Pete Jupp – Drums & Backing Vocals
Jem Davis – Keyboards